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– 1 – All the pictures presented on this site are protected by copyright and must be licensed. A licence allows you to use an image in a certain way, once an appropriate fee has been agreed. The licence to use an image will appear on your invoice and will explain exactly how the image can be used.

The pictures presented on the web site are in low resolution. They can be selected, downloaded for layout works but cannot be printed with a good quality due to their technical characteristics.

Once you've decided on the image you want, the next step is to arrange a licence fee with us.

Price is based on how the image is used : its size into the publication (e.g. a full page), the circulation and the type of commercial use (advertising, books, magazines). So it must be evaluated in each case.

The price is determined for each publication and additional choices will be charged.

If you decide to buy a complete story, an inclusive price will be offered depending of the number of pages published and the kind of magazine.

- 2 - Approved customers can download directly from the site high-resolution files of our images. The normal licence fee will be charged only for the images used. For images that are not yet available at very high-resolution on the site (for double page for example), you can still order them as very high-resolution files, but there may be a delay of a few hours or longer (depending on the number of images) before they can be delivered. You can see if a picture is available at very high-resolution from the "Digital file size" given with the text accompanying the image.

To download does not mean authorisation of publication. Downloaded pictures cannot be reproduced, stocked, sold or given to a third party.

After using, you commit to erasing the downloaded pictures.

- 3 - Each published picture must be signed with the following credits:

For Philippe Guignard: © ph.guignard/air-images.net

Copyright 2008 Air Images - Crédits